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Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer

Experience: Bachelor’s degree with professional experience in youth athletics. Certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC)

The Role: The Athletic Trainer is responsible for the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries; the maintenance of the health and well-being; and the recuperation and rehabilitation following injury of all campers and staff at 6 Points Sports Academy. The Athletic Trainer works in direct partnership with the camp nurse as a member of the medical team. This individual will report directly to the Camp Director.

Additionally, it is the expectation that the Athletic Trainer will see themselves as a member of the greater camp community willing to participate in activities beyond athletic training responsibilities.  Must be willing to work as a team player, along with coaches and staff, while understanding the fluid nature of camp life.   Must possess the ability to adjust plans while maintaining a high level of flexibility.


·         Prevents, evaluates and treats injuries while insuring  comfort and safety

·         Answers to pages or calls promptly; provides immediate care and treatment for all injuries

·         Prepares campers for athletic activity by exercising, preventative taping and bandaging techniques

·         Prepares rehabilitation plan for injured campers and schedules treatment times

·         Works directly with the Camp Nurse and/or Camp Physician to determine when it is medically safe for an ill or injured camper to return to athletic activity

·         Physically present in the training room or on the fields when sports are taking place

·         Responsible for assisting in making sure that water coolers are filled and available prior to scheduled outdoor activities

·         Communicates daily with camp directors in a concise, informative manner, on the status of injured and recuperating campers

·         Maintains confidentiality of athlete injury information

  • Prevents/corrects problems or unsafe conditions
  • Prepares athletic training equipment for use and maintains and insures safe operation of all athletic training equipment

·         Assists with medical screening and medication sorting on arrival day

·         Assists with medication distribution as needed

·         Follows standing orders from the Camp Physician to dispense selected medication in the absence of the Camp Nurse

  • Prepares and delivers health and safety in service for staff orientation week with camp nurse

·         Serves on a rotational basis, as the medical staff “on call” each evening

·         Provide medical coverage and supervision for at least one intersession

·         Coordinates, with the approval of the camp director, the ordering, upkeep and inventory control of all sports medicine modalities and supplies used during the camp season

  • Demonstrates poise and efficiency in stressful situations and works confidently in crisis or emergency situations
  • Demonstrates ability to prioritize and organize time; maintains physical environment in an effective, organized manner
  • Accepts change in a positive manner
  • Accepts additional and duties as assigned by the Camp Directors
  • Abides by and helps develop policy and procedures specific to both the athletic training room and the overall camp healthcare program
  • Maintains proper documentation of all athletic health care injuries in concise, legible and timely manner
  • Performs duties in an efficient and independent manner with minimal supervision

·         Attends staff meetings as scheduled

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

  • Must be able to assist with or transfer athletes of various weight/heights
  • Must be able to push carts with athletic equipment on them
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time, have good mobility skills and be able to walk long distances
  • Must demonstrate ability to communicate to give adequate feedback to camp directors
  • Must be able to carry training kit and coolers
  • Must use proper safety precautions in dealing with injured campers


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